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For KJ / DJ & Promotional Services-
 A wonderfully memorable addition to your Wedding or Special Event, or as a boost to your business; We cater to a wide range of Entertainment and Social Marketing with a fun yet professional attitude and presentation.

We are well-practiced in our services, so even if you are looking for advice concerning your event, you can find it through us. We bring all of our own sound equipment, lighting (upon request and availability), as well as provide the businesses we work with Social Media Advertising! With a loyal following of talented performers to help spread the word about your business accompanied with friendly, fair service, we are a business worthy of your partnership, whatever the occasion! Message us for a free estimate or with your questions and we will be happy to accommodate!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Donny Duck

P.O. Box 30962, Spokane, Washington 99223

Tel: (509) 991-7807


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